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BIODROGA is a state -of-the-art skin care system utilizing the latest advances in ingredient technology, consisting of pharmaceutical grade products, together with age-old treatment traditions to revive total body wellness and optimum skin health… Skin relief is refined, skin becomes velvety-soft.

All BIODROGA products are manufactured exclusively in Baden-Baden, Germany to ensure an equal consistency of a high quality product world wide.

The BIODROGA objective is to aid women worldwide in achieving a healthier, more beautiful complexion. The company remained true to its idea of offering top quality biological cosmetics. Therefore, today as always BIODROGA emphasizes that all active ingredients of each product are of biological origin.

BIODROGA has committed itself to being the skin care specialist. Accordingly, the BIODROGA Biological Beauty Care Systems offer individual, customized solutions to the most frequently encountered skin problems (wrinkles, sensitive skin and impure skin). Each biological beauty care system is a complete skin treatment in itself. It takes targeted action with key bio-active agents to fight the specific causes of each individual skin problem.



Science discovering nature’s secrets

Lira Clinical is uniquely designed to brighten and tighten all global skin types in order to restore your youthful beauty.  Lira Clinical offers customizable corrective skincare and skin health maintenance through our “Resurface & Restore” method.

Our blends of potent natural ingredients correct imperfections and enhance your skin health with results-oriented home care and professional treatments.



Candles, body products.  Paraben free, sulfate free